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To be robust.                 
I know I’m supposed to be working harder, but I often work frantically
and feel so tired the next day that it takes me some time to get back to the track.

I'm increasingly aware that you can't accomplish anything
without a stable commitment , but perhaps partly because I'm not
as physically robust as I hope, I just can't seem to stick to it.
I used to swim miles on a daily basis, which kept me strong,
but I've been away from it long enough to lose any vigor I used to enjoy.

Having learnt that you can’t have your hands on too many pies
at the same time, I’ve been trying to finish one thing at a time.
It also seems important to have the courage to say no when necessary,
like I recently had to turn down a wedding invitation from my highschool classmate.
I’m thankful that true friends always care to appreciate honesty.

An independent, self-managed person is what I aspire to become.
It will also hopefully be reflected in my papers,
which have so far tended to end up being much less organized
than they really should be.
And yes, I'm already well on my way toward that goal.
Today I could say that at least I did enough
not to go behind the schedule.

Feeling great right now.
There is a good weekend coming. ぴかぴか
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